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Tucked away on a woodsy lot at 9501 U.S. 19 N. in Pinellas Park, many people driving along the highway don’t even realize there is a retail shop at the location.

Unless they’re the outdoorsy type, that is. The plot of land, obscured by a thick canopy of trees is Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure, which is set back far enough from the roadway that passersby often mistake it for a park or campsite.

“We do have people pull up and ask, ‘Where do I hook up my trailer?’” said Doug Jackson, who runs the shop with his brother, Darry.

Their parents, Bill and Harriet Jackson, founded the store in 1946.

“They basically started it by accident,” Doug said.

After serving in the Air Force during World War II, Bill returned to Pinellas County. Through a friend, he learned that MacDill Air Force Base was auctioning Army surplus supplies. Bill dreamed of becoming a builder, but thought, on a lark, that he’d bid on one of the bins.

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