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In the past, St. Pete Beach cuisine has been infamous for mostly casual fare… grouper sandwiches, conch fritters, rum runners and a plethora of deep fried staples. Over the past few years dining at the beach has changed dramatically, breaking out of the greasy box of “tourist trap” food.
Selene Restaurant and Bar is on the leading edge of this change. The owners of Selene have been working for more than a year to infuse their Mediterranean roots into St. Pete Beach’s emerging cuisine by creating fresh and unique entrees sourced from the highest quality ingredients.
At Selene, Fresh Fare means FRESH! Locals have come to enjoy “Happy Hour” offerings at Selene with reasonable drink specials and an appetizer menu with a half dozen upscale options from Quail and Octopus to Hummus, Spinach Pie and Stuffed Mushrooms, all priced at $5 – $7. Branzino is flown in daily and simply grilled to allow the character and purity of the fish to shine through. Selene’s Grilled Octopus is one of the most popular dishes, poached in a hot marinade for hours before it hits the grill, to deliver a truly tender and mouth watering experience. My wife Renee won’t eat it anywhere else, saying Selene’s tender Octopus with fresh and sautéed onions is “simply the best,” and I have to agree with her.
A Mediterranean restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a flawless delivery on Grilled Lamb Chops and Slow Roasted Lamb Shank. Every detail throughout the restaurant is meticulously placed to transport you away from the ordinary beach experience and lavish you in Mediterranean comfort and style. From the extra virgin olive oil, imported from the family’s own olive orchard in Greece, to the Aegean color scheme, the Greek Island feeling is pervasive.

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